Meet Brenda



Brenda Seefeldt Amodea has been living a brave and vulnerable life with 35 years of ministry—all of it with youth. She loves youth—still.  She is also an effective Christian speaker who challenges her audiences to also live brave lives.  This comes through vulnerability and trusting God with that vulnerability.  Because she is a storyteller, Brenda speaks more “with” you instead of “at” you.  This makes a difference when your vulnerability is being challenged.  Brenda has been sharing these stories since 1990.


For Brenda’s first nine years she served as youth pastor of churches in Minnesota and Virginia. Since 1990 she has served at New Covenant Fellowship in Manassas, Virginia. Yes, that is 25 years in one church.  Brenda attended North Central Bible College (now North Central University) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavorial Science with a minor in Youth Ministry and was originally ordained by the Assembly of God denomination and is now ordained through New Covenant Fellowship.  For 25 years she created youth ministry resources for Wild Frontier ( and has written for every major youth ministry publication.


Brenda has been married to John Amodea since 1997.  John is a worship leader, career musician, and song writer.  He has written music that heals the soul as music can.  John is also available to travel with Brenda.  They have a back-and-forth style which adds more truth through music.  You can see this at work in their “Note to Self” video series found at  John is also available to lead worship or lead a worship team for an event.


Brenda and John have not birthed their own kids but have raised several as their own.  The raising of their kids has definitely formed Brenda the most as a pastor and a human.  Prison is a part of their lives now, and other such stories.  These stories belong to their now grown kids, whom are still very much in the midst of these stories.  These stories are not for public sharing.  The impact this love has had on Brenda though is very much a part of her storytelling.  And she is not above showing pictures of the grandkids!


All the years of youth ministry and her love for teens has turned Brenda into a Brave Dating Coach.  She has a lot to say on this topic as she has coached many grown teens into marriage.  She shares these Impassioned insights at and as a speaker.


“I want to thank you again for coming out last night and sharing your heart and story.  Not only did you talk about being brave but you modeled bravery in such a way that those present can never look at our journeys the same. I also want to express a personal thought about last night.  Most of the stories people share are safe because they know how the story ended.  Just as you promised your story is current, fresh and raw trusting Jesus for an end.”  –Margaret, Centreville Baptist Church


This is Brenda.  Whether she is sharing at a church, retreat, youth event, singles’ event, women’s event, or banquet, the story is current, fresh and raw trusting Jesus for an end.  Like all good stories, there is a brave ending and a journey to be shared.