For Event Planners


Brenda is available to come to your church or event. Brenda teaches with stories and truth on vulnerability, broken-heartedness, shame, perfectionism, foreboding joy, numbing behaviors, and forgiving others (who wants to talk about that really?). Her husband John is also available to come.  He mixes in songs he’s written that share the same truths but his music adds that healing touch the soul needs after such personal pains are brought into the light. What you see showcased in the Note to Self videos is a window into their combined teaching style.


All is based accurately on the Scriptures and the Bible is used to bring the light to these hidden behaviors we justify to cope through the pains of life.


For Podcasters


Brenda is a frequent guest on many podcasts. Brenda is a clear storyteller with a lot to say. Brenda also has access to a podcast studio for her side of the podcast.

Download Brenda’s one-page Podcast sheet here.


John is also available to lead in worship with your worship team. You can hear more of his music at HERE.


You can follow the continuing story of Brenda and John’s broken-hearted life through Brenda’s blog Bravester. What is shared on the blog is the core of what she shares in person.


Download Brenda’s Promo Photo (click to enlarge, right click choose “Save Image As”)